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This browser is secured by system level sandbox technology, and it helps you get where you want to go in the shortest possible time.


The browser is always running inside a dedicated sandbox, which means it is secure at system level. By "always" it means, if you don't have sandbox enabled on your system, this program will abort.

Whenever the browser runs external program, you can choose whether to run it inside or outside sandbox.

Move mouse over the Favorites button, and you have your latest bookmarks immediately available for you to click. And, you can search your favorites by keyword.

By using sandbox technology, it starts slower at first. However, Aux Browser stays at system tray of Windows, and it's instantly available by clicking the ball icon.

We want you to do what you intend to do as fast as possible. So the menu is organized in a clear way for you to perform various tasks.

Want to go where you've been before? Move mouse over the address field, and you have your latest history records ready for you to choose. Of course, you can also delete history records by clicking "Delete Records in History" in the menu, which enables you to delete by time or keyword.

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